Monday, December 8, 2008


Our Burpies are perfect for Moms with little ones who are still nursing or bottle fed. They are made of the finest doublebirdseye fold to ensure maximum absorption, while our embelishments make them very stylish to have hanging over your shoulder. They can also double as a security blanket and look absolutely adorable. They can also be used with our bibster in the place of the bib cloth.
1 Burpie: $7
2 Burpies: $13
3 Burpies: $19
Email any orders to
**many more designs available.

The Cape

These are our fantastic capes. We have girl and boy designs available. Capes are made of either cotton, for a matte look, or satin, for a silky look. Thay have a velcro closure that is perfect for little ones. They are easy for them to put on and also take off on their own. These come is a variety of design options, we have everything from superman to flowers. We are more than happy to monogram a childs name up to 10 letters. if your child has a favorite character or wants a certain theme like dance we love to customize for individuality.
Plain cotton cape: $10
Plain satin cape: $10
Printed Cotton cape: $15
Printed Satin cape: $15
Email any orders to or check out my etsy store at

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Bib

This is OOH-LA-LA's famous Bib. It is constructed of very durable cotton cloth and a fantastic little contraption we call a bibster. The bibster itself is a ribbon with a clasp at each of the ends. It works by attaching one end to one side of the cloth, go around childs neck and attach to the other end of the cloth. The clasp is great, no more velcro which kids pull right off. The cloth is big enough to add full coverage yet small enough as not to get in the way. The bibster on its own can be throuwn into a purse and used with anything from a dish towell to a napkin. It is fatastic for grandma's to have hanging around.

A Bib set which includes 3 bib cloths and 1 bibster is $25.00
A Bibster sold alone is $7.00

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A revamp

So I have decided I hated my website and I have gotten rid of it. So if any of you would like to purchase OOH-LA-LA BOUTIQUE Items you can do it via this blog or you can visit I will be posting to this site at least once a week and be adding new things all the time. Thanks for shopping and all your support.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's BOUTIQUE season, my favorite time of the year. We are going to be attending the first annual My Craft Cottage "Celebrate spring time" boutique in Mesa. It is March 22nd, 2008 from 8:00am-6:00pm. The address is 922 N. Gilbert Rd. Mesa, AZ 85203(West side of Gilbert Road, North of University). we are so excited to be in attendance we have added a few new products wich include new clothes and some aprons. OOH-LA-LA will not be the only vendor Jodi Davis Photography will also be there. If you need directions you can email me at

Monday, January 28, 2008

This is what I have been up to. these adorable shirts and dresses. I have also been doing photographs for a website, I am so excited to get it up and running. If anyone is interested in these items email me at They come in sizes 0-5T.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bracelets for Lisa

The two pink glass and clear crystal bracelets are in sizes 6-12month and 3-5T. The pink and green glass with clear crystal beads is a size adult small.

Pictures really don't do these bracelets justice they are so cute.

This one really doesn't look great in picture but it is so cute on, Hailey has one and its really nice. It is a chain so it's adjustable it will pretty much fit any size up to the end of the chain.

This bracelet is sterling silver and comes in two sizes, 6-12months and 3-5T.

This bracelet is a combonation of purple glass beads, clear cut crystal beads and sterling silver stars. It comes in all three sizes you want, 12-24month, 3-5T, and adult small.

Thses three are some of my favorites. they are made of cut glass beads. The purple bracelet is the adult small, the green bracelet is the 3-5T, and the pink bracelet is the 6-12month.